Can't See the Video?

Windows Media Player
You will need to have the Windows Media Player software installed on your computer to view the content on 3BTV. If you do not currently have it installed click here to download and install it.

We are currently looking into a problem with the Netscape Gecko type of browser, where the stream is not displayed.
Click here for more information

If you are connecting to the Internet via a network, you may have problems viewing the 3BTV video stream. This is probably due to the security settings of your corporate firewall.

To overcome this you will need to contact your network administrator and direct them to the following Microsoft Support Page.

This will give them details on how to adjust the security settings to allow a Microsoft Windows Media stream through. This will not only allow you to see the 3BTV video stream, but also any other Microsoft WIndows Media Stream on other web sites.

We are currently working on a way of overcoming this from our end (as this is a known Microsoft problem).

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