Richard Duriez's Biography


Mischief pictures was set up by two documentary filmmakers, Sharon Woodward and Richard Duriez, in 1997. Their aim was to experiment with low budget improvised drama shot on video in the style of documentary, with hand held camera and no sets. All there films have been shown at Cinemas, screening clubs and film festivals both in the UK and internationally.

Their first 50 minute drama 4play, followed the sexual paranoia of Sally:
Sally who has had one bad break up suspects her current boyfriend is cheating on her. The film was influenced by both Mike Leigh and Woody Allen.

They followed up 4play with The Devils Feast a 90 minute feature, the first shot on miniDV in the UK. This improvised black comedy follows in flashback the story of Chloe, a famous conceptual artist. The story line interweaves characters in and out of Chloe's life; an affair with an anarchist, a dodgy religious cult, druggie losers and a desperate girlfriend. It is only at the end of the film the connections between these characters and "The Devils Feast" is revealed.

It was only during post-production on the film that the filmmakers came across Dogma95 and discovered other filmmakers with similar ideas.

With their 8 minute short The Anniversary, Richard and Sharon wanted to try some thing new - a script and a tripod! The Anniversary is a short romantic comedy.
Hippy student Sarah consoles her housemate Jake with Tequila, when she discovers he is missing his long-term girlfriend on their anniversary. Only things go wrong when she decides to “drag” him out clubbing.

During the making of The Anniversary, the filmmakers met with a group of people in Poole who love to role-play being vampires. Initially they were interested in producing a documentary on the group. Instead it involved into a improvised drama Interviews with the vampires from Poole. The film is made in the style of a American Cable show, "Unexplained Mysteries" which investigates the story of a group of Psychology Researches who never return from an assignment to interview a group of would-be Vampires. The show explores what became of the researchers (played by the filmmakers), using as evidence, their own video footage and field notes found by police in Poole.

The filmmakers are now working on a fantasy drama called The Love Potion.