Graham Ball's Biography


'Jack The Bastard' is Graham's sixth short film as a writer & director.

His murky and dubious career in film-making began many years ago whilst still at school. Numerous juvenile attempts at short films were attempted with the now virtually obsolete Video8 format, before he enrolled onto the Performing Arts course at his local college. Studying acting, writing & directing for the stage, he quickly learnt the necessary skills to take him from fumbling amateur to studious competent. Another short film was completed whilst on the course, using the far superior BetaSP format. The film was entered into numerous festivals and played a handful of screenings.

In addition Graham directed his first theatrical production while on the course, an adaptation of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. From there he won a place at the revered Bouremouth Filmschool and spent the next two years making shorts and imbibing knowledge. The shorts made at the school were well received and have played festivals nationally and internationally.

After graduating from the filmschool Graham wrote three feature length screenplays and made another short. Shot on Mini-DV the short was picked up for distribution by New York based Hypnotic Films after it was spotted at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Currently, Graham has another short in development and is co-writing a comedy feature screenplay which he and his collaborator hope to option within the forthcoming year.

Graham is honored to have his favourite short included on 3btv's new internet TV

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