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Credits for images:
Director, Producer, Editor: monika bravo

2002 - Colour - NTSC -08 mins 07 secs - video stills

Original Title: LIQUIFY English Title: LIQUIFY Country of Production: USA
Date of completion: april 2002
Producer(s): monika bravo Director(s): monika bravo
Editor:monika bravo Cinematography: monika bravo
Sound: Raydial

Release Date: april 2002
Running Time: 8 minutes 07 secs
Original Format: DV NTSC
Screening Format(s): DVD, DV NTSC, Beta, SP NTSC

Prizes and Awards: N/A

Director: monika bravo Writer: N/A Producer: monika bravo
Production Company: sololab Country of Origin: USA
Distribution & Sales: sololab,

Immerse in a meditative journey where the screen splits up in to abstract vibrant fields of snow and raindrops; time slides horizontally producing a mesmerizing tribute to painting. Liquify treats the dimensional plane of the projected frame with breathing and expanding pulse, synchronizing nature with an inner perception of time and space.

Her films, and video installation work has been shown at SITE Santa Fe, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, museums and galleries in New York, Berlin, Miami, Milan. Philadelphia, Caracas, Puerto Rico, Bangkok. Her films have been invited to participate in over 40 screenings around the globe in places that include the MOMA, Anthology FilmArchives, 5 & 6 Brooklyn International filmfest, The Kitchen, Americas Society in NY, MoCA in L.A, DoubleTake FilmFest, Woodstock FilmFest in the US, VideoEx in Zurich, VideoInDerDampfzentrale, Bern, Filmstock FilmFest, Luton, UK, Concurso de Creacion Audiovisual, Navarra, Spain. She has been a recipient of the Electronic Media & Film Award from NYSCA, both in 2000 & 2002 & has been part of the LMCC World Views at the World Trade Center in 2001, ART OMI, & Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico art-in-residency programs.

Director's Filmography:
- Wind-eye 2002
- September 10 2001, Uno nunca muere la víspera (2001)
- Playing with time (2001-2)
- For the time being 1998
- Movingframe/stillframe 2000

Previous & Upcoming Screenings for Liquify:
- De Chiara Gallery, NYC, April 26 - June15 2002
- SITE Santa Fe, Sept 27 2002 - Jan 5 2003
- Ciocca Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy, February 20 – april 20 2003

-"Proper villains", Curated by David Hunt, UntitledSpace, New Haven Ct, August 10 - Sept 28 2002

1. Latin American Freewaves, (L.A Freewaves) curated by Michel Fauguet, @The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles,
November 2002
2. Concurso de creacion audiovisual de Navarra 2002, Pamplona, Spain. Nov 12-17 2002
3. Eye of the beholder film festival, Ashville, NC, Oct 21- 31, 2002
4. Freewaves: Latinamerica: Visual noise/visual memory: recent videos from Colombia curated by Michèle Faguet, The Americas
Society, NY. (Liquify) may 2003
5. Women on the Verge Film & Video Festival, Haida Gwaii, Canada (Liquify) & (Movingframe/stillframe) april 2003
6.LIGHT PLAYS TRICKS 6 Short Film Festival, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. ( liquify) may 2003
Previous & Upcoming Screenings for all filmography:
1. LIGHT PLAYS TRICKS 6 Short Film Festival, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. (Liquify) (Upcoming)
2. URBAN LIGHTS, VideoEx, curated by Kaspar Strack, Zurich, Switzerland. (September 10 2001) (Upcoming)
3. 6th BROOKLYN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY, (Playing with time) (Upcoming)
4. FILMSTOCK Film Festival in Luton, England, (September 10 2001 & Wind-Eye) (Upcoming)
5. VISUAL NOISE/VISUAL MEMORY: curated by Michà ®le Faguet, The Americas Society, NY. (Liquify) (Upcoming)
6. Women on the Verge Film & Video Festival, Haida Gwaii, Canada (Liquify & Movingframe/stillframe)
7. VIDEO ON VIDEO SERIES, program curated by Jackie Pardon, Saratoga Springs Public Library, NY (September 10 2001)
8. CINEMA PARADISO, Honololu, Hawai (September 10 2001)
9. VIDEO LAB, Artissima, Torino, Italy (September 10 2001)
10. V.I.D. Video In Der Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland (September 10 2001)
11. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylania (September 10 2001)
13. SOUTH YARRA FILM FESTIVAL, Melbourne, Australia (September 10 2001)
14. OHIO INDEPENDENT FILM & MARKET, Cleveland, Ohio (September 10 2001)
15. CONCURSO DE CREACION AUDIOVISUAL DE NAVARRA 2002, Pamplona, Spain.(September 10 2001 & Liquify)
16. BEATS, BYTES AND THE BIG SCREEN, Ritzy Cinema, London, UK (September 10 2001) )
17. FREEWAVES Visual noise/visual memory Curated By Michele Fauguet, MOCA, Los Angeles, CA. (Liquify)
18. SIDEWALK FILM FESTIVAL, Birmingham, AL. (September 10 2001)
19. URBANMEDIA FILMAKERS FALL FESTIVAL, Atlanta, GA. (September 10 2001)
20. BLACK BEAR FILM FESTIVAL. Milford, PA. (September 10 2001)
21. 9/11 Program Curated By Christopher Pavsek, Haverford College, Philadelphia, PA (September 10 2001)
22. 9-12: NYC RESPOND TO 9-11, The Cornelia Street Cafe, NY. (September 10 2001)
23. Eleventh Events: A Community Comes Together In Response To 9/11, Bellevue Art Museum, WA. (September 10 2001)
24. Mc Coll Center For Visual Arts, Charlotte, North Carolina (September 10 2001)
25. NY ONE YEAR AFTER THE 11TH SEPTEMBER, Int. Architecture Symposium Pontresina, Switzerland, (September 10 2001)
26. THIRTEENTH LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL (LAFF), Metro Cinema, London, U.K. (September 10 2001)
27. 9/11 REFUGEE, Santa Fe Art Institute, curated by Diane Karp & Betty Gold, Santa Fe, NM (September 10 2001)
28. THIRD ANNUAL WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL, Program Curated By Amy Taubin, Woodstock, NY. (September 10 2001)
29. SIXTH ANNUAL URBANWORLD FILM FESTIVAL, New York. (September 10 2001)
30. NOSTALGIA,, Curated By Sara Reisman & Randi Goldman, S.S.Seaport Museum, NY (For the time being)
31. GLOBALISM & DISLOCATION I & II &III, Curated by Sara Reisman, Filmforum, Egyptian Theater. L .A. CA, (September 10 2001)
32. TUGBOAT FILM & VIDEO SERIES, Curated by Sara Reisman, SOCRATES SCULPTURE PARK, NY (September 10 2001) , (For the time being)
33. REEL NY, Thirteen/WNET, PBS, Curated by Kathy Brew, air date June 14 2002, 10 pm (September 10 2001)
34. REPORTS FROM THE GLOBAL VILLAGE, Anthology Film Archive, NY. (September 10 2001)
35. 5th BROOKLYN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY, (September 10 2001)
36. 9.11 FILMS OF TRAGEDY AND HOPE, IMPRESSIONS/EXPRESSIONS Doubletake Film Festival, Durham, NC (September 10 2001)
37. 9.11 FILMMAKERS RESPOND, Aspen Shortsfest, Colorado (September 10 2001) )
38. 9/11 AND BEYOND: INDEPENDENT VOICES SPEAK, Konscious Media, The Culture Project, NY (September 10 2001) )
39. REPORTS FROM THE GLOBAL VILLAGE, Ocularis, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (September 10 2001)
40. DOCUMENTARY FORTNIGHT, Roy & Niuta Titus Theater, MOMA, New York (September 10 2001)
TV Screenings/ Public broadcast for September 10 2001, uno nunca muere la víspera:
REEL NY 7th season, Thirteen/WNET, PBS, Curated by Kathy Brew, USA air date: June 14 2002 10 pm, PBS

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Name: Monika Bravo Company: Sololab