Stu Macdonald's Biography


Stu MacDonald: Animatorís biography

I have done courses in Media Studies and Media Production for a total of four years, but as an animator Iím largely self-taught. Iíve been keen on animation and film making since I was about nine, using whatever means I could get hold of to do it. Only since a few years ago I acquired the means to do it really seriously, and from then until now I have been developing my skills, techniques and characters.

Most of the films I have done are cartoon-style animations, many featuring the grouchy round red character, Arry. They are visually and aurally simple, but very popular and amusing to those who have seen them at Film Festivals or other public-access Television channels.

I also have an image-grabbing device that allows me to grab stills from a Hi-8 camcorder and string them together to make animations. The most recent film in this style is Black Magic Castle. It was made with Lego, but I could also animate other real things. Lego is just Easy to animate as it has moving parts and can be built on.

Arry on Easter Island is not an experimental film, but does mark a milestone in my development of Arry as a character and my animation style. It is speech-based, whereas my previous work doesnít have much speech. It also has a few pieces of music, which my previous work has none of. Easter Island has been shown at two film festivals where it was well received. It may serve as a good pilot episode for a series as it establishes the two main characters, assuming the viewer hasnít seen any of the previous Arry animations.

The Green Wrath effectively serves as the second episode of a potential series featuring Arry, as it introduces two of the main villains. It is not experimental, but it is the first time I attempted to animate a man walking and a camera zoom. It is the tenth film of mine to be taken on by 3Btv.

The Mysterious City of Cold is definitely the longest film of mine so far. This is just a preview, the first twenty minutes of what is looking to be nearly an hour long. Itís a spoof of a series from the 80s, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, possibly one of the best Anime series ever.

Merry Winter 2000 is an older cartoon featuring Arry, made for Christmas 2000. This was the first time I attempted a speech-based animation, using some old equipment that was not as good as what was used for Arry on Easter Island. Merry Winter 2000 may be seen as experimental, but was recently revamped for Christmas 2002 with some music and atmospheric sounds.

Anything under my name not described above is older work by me. None of it has any music or much speech, but people who have seen some of the work above may like to see some of my previous animations. They may be considered experimental, but are still enjoyable.

Stu MacDonald