Leigh Hodgkinson's Biography



ANIMATOR: Leigh Hodgkinson

In 1995 after doing an art foundation course I went to University in Hull where I began to dabble in animation and in 1998 I gained a first in Graphic Design. After graduating I worked in the Museum of the Moving Image (South Bank, London) where I whiled away afternoons teaching children the wonders of the zoetrope. In 1999 I started a post-graduate course at the National Film and Television School in Animation Direction where I made two short animated films. (“Excess Baggage” and “Novelty”). Novelty has been around the world in festivals and won a few prizes including 2002 British Animation Award for Best Creative Use of New Media. While I was at the Film School I also produced a set of stings that were used in Channel 4s animation magazine programme “Dopesheet” and a sting that was used on channel 4 in 2001 for their animation season in November.

Since leaving the NFTS in February 2001 I have made two other films. The first “Matryoshka” was for Sonimation (a sound and animation collaboration commission) that toured the country in 2001. The second “Sprung” was a one minute film which was made on channel 4’s TV series “Celmates”… where 5 animators were locked up in a room for 72 hours with only pencils, computers and their own brains and left to create a film. I have been working in London as a freelance animator/designer on various tv pilots, web stuff and series and am now represented by Slinky Pictures. In my spare time I refine my website www.hoonpatrol.com and write/illustrate children’s’ stories. I was one of the 2001 MOMI/Channel 4 animators chosen for their residence scheme and am currently in production on my new film Moo(n) (a cross between a nursery rhyme and 1950’s B-movie) at Slinky Pictures. Moo(n) will be on channel 4 in November 2003.

I will continue to create my own films and children’s books- and experiment in mixing techniques (the digital and the organic). I would love the opportunity to direct a pop promo as working to music I find very satisfying.