Sunjunkie's Biography





It all began many moons ago in a local bar called Dylan’s………

Dave was working in The Old Fire Station and Moonlighting in Dylan’s, to try to pay off his enormous debt, amassed at Bournemouth University(whilst being a student and not a good one) pull loads of birds(unsuccessfully) and pay to fund his spare time activities. Kev was as the same time, working part-time in order to avoid the bank managers wrath and fund his way through university.
One night following yet another god awful karaoke night run by Dave that Kev came up with the idea of messing around with music……..

At the time Kev was already playing bass in a blues oriented band appropriately called “Last Orders”, and for a while nothing came of his suggestion though the idea had sown seeds…..

After a few failed jamming sessions with friends and associates from university it appeared we were getting nowhere……then…out of the blue both Kev and Dave discovered 2 talented, likeminded and equally mentally deranged individuals that loved live music;

Simon Doyle who had been a friend of Dave’s for a long time, whom had never mentioned his fantastic ability to play guitar.


Pete Saunders had become a close friend of Kev’s (due to the frequency of their encounters in the bar be it on or off duty!) whom it turns out was an incredibly gifted drummer.

In no time we were regularly jamming madly in the attic of the Old Fire Station, partying wildly and becoming the closest of friends.

For what seemed like forever they tried to find a sound and format with which they were happy and good enough to start playing to live audiences…..a band was in the offing….

A female vocalist and keyboardist were drafted in and still the sound was just not quite right, eventually due to other commitments and pressures they both went their separate ways, they were still searching.

Living the student lifestyle in Bournemouth meant that the summer was a time of surf, sea, sand and parties(just what the boys thrived on!!!!) It was Pete on one of the guys many trips to Durdle Door who out of the blue came up with the name SUNJUNKIE, it was perfect a feel and an ideal summed up in a name for the band!Rah

From the band name and many exploits that the guys undertook came their first great tunes, the bands title song “sunjunkie” and a great favourite with their current audiences “happy Go Lucky Waster” things were starting to happen. The final nail that was to hammer the guys together was during one of their many rehearsals. They were trying to cover “Baby Can I Hold You” (the Tracy Chapman version!!!!)and out of the ether they pulled a new feel to the tune together (hearing is believing!) Sunjunkie was becoming more than just a pipedream, they all new that they were onto something, it was becoming a way of life not just something to fill their spare time.

Things were not all smelling of roses however, broken guitars and broken relationships threw up obstacles to obstruct the bands progression, and there was still something missing, they needed a more rounded sound, something to just polish the act off.

That something was found to be Dan Ford. A young, gifted & excellent guitarist (though initially lacking in confidence) with a different musical influence and background. After a period of readjustment the final brick was firmly cemented in and the foundations set.

Shortly following this, Sunjunkie performed live for the first time. It was recorded live for a TV broadcast and since then they have been getting regular gigs, exciting audiences and gaining a following in the Bournemouth area.

In august last year Sunjunkie became a four piece band with Kev leaving to do his own thing. Dan now plays bass and Simon now is responsible for all the guitar work.

In this time they have had 4 recording sessions, (each one better than the last) and have recorded a number of their own tracks to cd:-

Happy go lucky waster

I’m a happy go lucky waster
With a my head on the floor and a pint in my hand
Don’t worry about tomorrow cos it never comes
Deal with my problems when I come in to land

Oh to much as usual
I’ve ended up horizontal
I don’t know who I am don’t know where I should be
I’m a happy go lucky waster

We’re all in a bar, Col’s got a jar
Just waiting for the next round
Had seven already, my legs are unsteady
My friends are nowhere to be found

The lads have all gone but nothing is wrong
A girl and a pint in each hand
Too much of one and the other is gone
I suppose we can’t come to no harm

My hair is receding and I find myself needing
Some help to get up off the floor
Big men in the place, with stern looks on their faces
Kindly show me to the door

There is much more material being written and refined as you read this.
They have yet to match the quality of their studio productions to their vibrant, energetic live performances (mainly due to time and financial constraints) which have them now rated with the best in the area, enthusing audiences with their unique style and range.

Seeing is believing, if you are hot fun and feeling funky you would be mad to miss them, many have tried and failed to pigeonhole them into a musical genre and to be honest the only way to judge is to see them live. They will not disappoint, they play with an energy rarely seen in todays music scene and you are guaranteed to be humming their tunes days after you heard them for the first time.

“Sunjunkie” will “Buster” their balls to show the “Beautiful Peeplee” a good “Time”, especially if the “Prevalent Malaise” is just to be “Happy Go Lucky Wasters”. So don’t miss the “Rainbows” gold, cos they are “High Flyers” and with “Devious Genius” they are “Moving On”.